My name is Mary Lockwood and I live in Plymouth, Michigan and I am post-abortive. I have had multiple abortions and would like to share my story with other women and men who are hurting from the effects of being post-abortive. I did not start speaking about my experience with abortion until just recently. I like to approach speaking about abortion from two aspects; the first being forgiveness and the second in addressing men and abortion and the effects of abortion on them.

I had a long term corporate career with one of the big three automotive companies and left that a few years husband, John and I, work part-time in financial services. In addition, I have been on the Destination Life Center of Right to Life of Michigan fund raising committee for three years and do various other volunteer activities... I am stepmother to two grown sons and have two grandchildren through those stepsons.

I come from a wonderful Irish Catholic family and was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I attended Rosary High School in Detroit and I am a graduate of Madonna University, Livonia, Michigan as well as have a MSA from Central Michigan in Human Resource Management.


"Despite the fact that nearly everywhere one turns in our culture of death abortion is considered a 'woman's right' and an entirely acceptable procedure, the reality is that literally millions of men and women are walking around filled with an often indescribable sense of shame and guilt. There is such a great need for these men and women to come to know that there is mercy and forgiveness and a true chance to start all over! There is such a great need to know that they are not defined by their pasts, and that they are loved and cherished by God the Father, who never abandons His children, no matter what. Mary is helping to fill that need. I know her as a woman who has come to know the love and mercy of our heavenly Father in her own life, who is eager to help others come to know that same love and mercy, and who is longing to help create a civilization of love in place of a culture of death -- a civilization where every human being is treated with the dignity and respect that belongs to a child of God and a member of the human race."
Fr. John Riccardo
Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel

"Mary Lockwood's courageous witness has helped many people come to know and experience the powerful healing presence of God. I am inspired by her compelling story that continues to bring others to a deeper appreciation of God's mercy and love. And I am blessed by her friendship. It is my prayer that anyone struggling with doubts that God will forgive will find clarity and peace in Mary's personal testimony."
Mary Dudley
Pro-Life Speaker and Activist, former host on Catholic radio

"As a Catholic talk show host and pro-life activist, I highly recommend Mary Lockwood as a speaker for your next pro-life event. Mary's is a frequent guest on my radio program and her testimony takes an honest look at the lies told to women about abortion. This includes the bill of goods sold even to well-educated professional women like Mary who thought that the abortion was the best 'choice' for their careers. As Mary and so many other women have learned there are some choices that are simply bad choices. Thanks be to God Mary also found out that our loving God is a God of second chances. Her story is truly one of hope and healing."
Teresa Tomeo
Author, Motivational Speaker, and host of EWTN Radio's Catholic Connection