My Road to Forgiveness

I would like to tell you a little about my involvement with pro life issues. I have been involved with Right to Life of Michigan and various other volunteer positions with the pro life movement for almost 4 years.

I have humbly accepted the invitation to get involved in the pro life movement and to start speaking about my personal experience with abortion. I have come to share my story, my journey, my confusion, my pain, my healing, and my hope.

My talk has a two fold part; the first being the awesome power of forgiveness and the second is men and abortion. There are so many different ways and different levels of involvement when it comes to pro-life issues but when it is personal I can tell you it is done with fire in your heart.

I am humbled in being forgiven because I did not think about what I was doing REALLY when I decided to have my abortions. I realize there is NOTHING I can do about what I did except go forth and do good with it which is why I am sharing my story. This is part of my forgiveness. HE knows what I have done, HE knows what we all do and in spite of it HE forgives and HE loves us anyway, unconditionally...

There is NOT a day that goes by that I do not think about what I have done and ask for God's forgiveness.

When we think of abortion back in the late 1970's many of us might think of a back alley, a secretive place, dirty, dark surroundings - not true as that was NOT the case with me. My abortions were performed in a hospital setting, a very sterile atmosphere, competent doctors with families at home, with no counseling whatsoever, paid for by my group health plan - no questions asked. My body, my choice - but was it really?

I thought I had no other choice. I had a career, I was a caregiver, I had people depending on me, I had my reputation to uphold, I had future plans. I was a Christian woman with beliefs - why didn't I seek help? Oh yeah, it was my pregnancy, it was my sin, it was my problem.